About the project

Project of Oleg Borushko, founded in 2003

History of the festivals PUShKINvBRITANII
Pushkinskaya and OSEN'vODESSE:


Annual multi-disciplinary cultural program at various venues in London in Pushkin downloads (5-10 June). The key event decider poets of the Russian diaspora.

Annual book of poetry finalists-winners round 1
Annual book of poetry finalists-winners round 1

«PUShKINvBRITANII»: main idea

Promotion of Russian culture in Europe, beating Russian heart becomes audible in the heart of the British capital

"PUShKINvBRITANII": objectives

  • Search Russian talent abroad-Forum to support Russian cultural diaspora
  • acquaintance with the Russian culture in Europe
  • Russian-British community relations with the local population
  • promotion of creativity and the spirit of Pushkin

"PUShKINvBRITANII": what's inside

Pushkin is the embodiment of the Russian spirit. As such not known either in Europe or in the United Kingdom. «PUShKINvBRITANII» defies the European ignorance

' PUShKINvBRITANII ': backstory

Chamber of Russian émigré poets Tournament in a small theater Sazarka-via Zero Meridian Grinvicheskogo Park and Covent Garden-"PUShKINvBRITANII" developed into the largest foreign Forum of Russian poetry. The year 2016 finals in London visited more than 350 authors from 56 countries around the world.

«PUShKINvBRITANII»: that is usually in the program

  • Reception at the Russian Embassy in the UK
  • Tournament Russian Poets abroad
  • Tournament of poetic translation
  • Poetry slam at Cambridge University
  • Micro-tournament parodies and improvisation. night: Thames
  •  The publication of a book of poetry finalists
  • Pojezo-jam
  • Russian-British round table pushkinistov in the oldest British Club "Atenaum" in the Pall Mall
  • Master classes jury members

«PUShKINvBRITANII»: who supports?


  • The title of King (Queen) poets of the Russian diaspora "
  • 2011-2013: a trip to the literary festival on the island of Bali (Ubud Writers Readers Festival &) to winners, travel from your country of residence and back, accommodation in Bali, participation in the Festival program as part of an evening of Russian poetry with a visit to the island of Java for meditation in Borobudur Temple; 2014: trip to India to participate in the world's largest litfeste Jaipur Literary Festival (similar to);
  • Bronze statuette of a "PUShKINvBRITANII" (work of authorship Odessa sculptor Climate Stepanova)

«PUShKINvBRITANII»: who organizes

"PUShKINvBRITANII"-a non-profit public association, founded by Oleg Borushko in 2003 year. Orgrabotu leads a group of volunteers from the first literary Association of London "master class". More info-site on the page "Organizers".

«PUShKINvBRITANII»: who in the jury

To year 2016 in jury of such festivals, visited: Rimma Kazakova (of blessed memory), Lyudmila Ulitskaya, Igor Guberman, Viktor Erofeev, Yuri Polyakov, Aleksandr gorodnickiy, Ekaterina Genieva (of blessed memory), Alexander Arkhangelsky, Vadim Stepancov, Seva Novgorod, Andrej bitov, Larisa Vasilieva, Avdotya Smirnova, Dmitriy Dibrov, Mikhail Popov, Alexey Varlamov, Sergei Chuprinin, olesya Nikolaeva, Larisa Vasileva and other famous cultural figures.



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